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About The Balloon Decoration

Balloons are such a colorful and inexpensive decoration, which can make your event stand out with flair. Looking for a great balloon decoration idea for your next party? Check out our awesome balloon decorations, which would add style, color and flair to any special event from corporate event, weddings, baby showers to birthday parties.

Jumbo Balloon (30″)

RM200/pcs (with Helium & Design)

Bubble Balloon (24″)

RM130/pcs (with Helium & Design)

Normal Helium Balloon

RM4.00/pcs (with Helium)

Pattern Helium Balloon

RM5.20/pcs (with Helium)

Foil Numeric/Alphabet (40″)

RM55/pcs (with Helium)

Foil Numeric/Alphabet (14″)

RM8/pcs (without Helium)

Foil Star/Love (18″)

RM20/pcs (with Helium)

Cluster Balloon 9 in 1

RM8.00/pcs (without Helium)

Basic Balloon Arch

Size: 12ft x10ft

Advanced Balloon Arch

Starting from RM600/unit
Size: Free Size

Basic Balloon Column

Size: 7ft Height

Advanced Balloon Column

Starting from RM400/unit
Size: Free Size

Kids Party Balloon Decor

Starting from RM1200
With Pair of Balloon Column, Balloon Arch, Cake Table & Customised Banner Backdrop

Balloon Launching Gambit

RM875 for 250pcs Helium Balloon

Balloon Drop Gambit

RM550 for 300pcs Air-Filled Balloon
RM650 for 500pcs Air-Filled Balloon

Custom Printed Balloon

RM390 for 1000pcs

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