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About The Magician & Illusionist

There’s nothing like a magic show from a professional illusionist. Part of what makes illusionists such a great entertainment option is that your guests will have never seen anything like it before. Our illusionist combines tricks such as appearing a beautiful lady assistant from an empty fire cage, escape illusion from a locked trunk, producing doves from mid-air, levitating an audience member and many more incredible tricks!

Besides, all of our illusionist can tailor their shows to incorporate specific props, products and branding to create a personalised performance ideal for company celebrations, product launches, gala dinners and exhibitions as well as weddings, special occasions and private parties

Illusion Show
-Duration: 30 Mins
-Starting from RM4000

(Suitable for Corporate Event / Carnival / Wedding / Private Event)

If you’re expecting the old rabbit-out-of-a-hat trick, we’ve got news for you! We are not a grandfather’s magic. Our professional stage magicians have modernized their magic tricks with astounding skill, mentalism, comedy, and more! Young and old alike are amazed by magical entertainment, and our magician raises the bar for an astoundingly funny and highly interactive performance, sure to give you and your guests goosebumps. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, private event or a fun birthday party, book a magician from Magic & Talent Entertainment to provide the mystery and awe!

Stage Magician
-Duration: 20 Mins
-Starting from RM1800

(Suitable for Corporate Event / Carnival / Wedding / Private Event)

Ever wanted to experience magic tricks on a more intimate basis like the lucky people who manage to run into David Blaine, Criss Angel and Dynamo? There’s no need to wait around New York City with us here!

Reminiscent of street magic shows but in your very own home or venue of choice, our magician will walk around and show magic tricks to your guests, up-close. Get the chance to watch closely and attempt to figure out the trick behind the illusion when our magician comes round to you! Sure to spark conversations and bring life to your party, get the ball rolling easily with this package!

Perfect for cocktail receptions or smaller venues where you want guests to interact with one another, our magician will engage with small groups. Roaming throughout your event our magician will share world-class tricks which will baffle your guests. Bending spoons, coins and generally enchanting guests with charm and unbelievable skill, there won’t be a dull moment with our closed-up magician at your event.

Closed Up Magician
First Hour – RM1000
Subsequent Hour – RM250

(Suitable for Corporate Event / Private Event)

Ipad Magician (One & Only in Malaysia)
First Hour – RM1500
Subsequent Hour – RM400

Why let someone else take center-stage? Let your child be part of the kids magician act and experience the magic first-hand! We believe the most engaging kind of magic show is the kind you participate in, and the funniest shows make the deepest impressions. Let your child and guests enjoy the wonders up close and personal with this interactive comedy magic show, guaranteed to send the children into peels of laughter! Volunteers would not only get to be part of the show, but would also receive a reward!

That’s not all: complimentary balloon sculpting will be done before the kids magic show begins & after the show will conduct party games with all the kids as well! Watch with amazement as the sculptor twists balloons into cute things! Hire our kids party magician, and let us make magic for your party!

Kids Party Magician Package:
-60 Mins of Unlimited Balloon Sculpting
-30 Mins of Kids Interactive Comedy Magic Show
-30 Mins of Fun & Awesome Party Games
-Portable Speaker & Microphone Provided
-FREE Hosting of Cake Cutting

First 2 Hours – RM650
Subsequent Hour – RM150

(Suitable for Kids Birthday Party / Private Event)

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