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Mid-Autumn Festival - Stage Entertainment

The most exciting performance present by Magic & Talent Entertainment for your Mooncake Festival event! Perfect for corporate events, roadshow and more, our stage entertianment are among the most unique and entertaining performance out there. You won't believe your eyes!

Stage Magician

Chinese Mask Changing Performance for Chinese New Year Event

Chinese Mask Changing

Chinese Orchestra for hire in Malaysia

Chinese Orchestra

Chinese Culture Dance for hire in Malaysia

Cultural Dance


Chinese Acrobatic


Chinese Kung Fu

If you’re expecting the old rabbit-out-of-a-hat trick, we’ve got news for you! We are not a grandfather’s magic. Our professional stage magicians have modernized their magic tricks with astounding skill, mentalism, comedy, and more! Young and old alike are amazed by magical entertainment, and our magician raises the bar for an astoundingly funny and highly interactive performance, sure to give you and your guests goosebumps. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, private event or a fun birthday party, book a magician from Magic & Talent Entertainment to provide the mystery and awe!

Stage Magician Package
-Duration: 20 Mins
-Starting from RM1800

Book Chinese themed entertainment for our mask changing magic act that involves the use of various Chinese-themed masks that will captivate and amaze guests of all ages. Our mask changing masters will invoke imagination and wonder as their quickly speeds through a number of different masks and dance choreographies to dazzle those in attendance.

Chinese Mask Changing Show Package
-Duration: 5 to 6 Mins
-Starting from RM880

Are you searching for a Chinese orchestra to give an oriental touch for your upcoming event? Or Mid Autumn Festival is around the corner and you need some performances?
Look no further! We provide a group of performing musicians with years of experience who can churn out superb melodies and harmonies for any event. Our orchsetra can play an extensive variety of music from Chinese folk music, Chinese oldies, Chinese pop to English oldies, English pop and western classical to suit your every occasion.

Chinese Orchestra
-Duration: 2 sets of 45 Mins
-Starting from RM900 per pcs (minimum 2 pcs)

Celebrate Mid Autumn Festival with one of our amazing Chinese Cultural Dance performance!
Chinese culture is filled with traditions, legends and stories. With a roster that encompasses everything from traditional Chinese entertainment, right up to oriental fusion shows and culture, at Magic & Talent we are guaranteed to have something that will perfectly suit your event.

Cultural Dance
-Duration: 2 sets of 10 mins
-Starting from RM650 per pcs (minimum 3 pcs)

A daring troupe of authentic Chinese acrobats, light up the stage with their remarkable talents, bold routines and exciting showcases of balance, flexibility, strength and acrobatics. Provide fun for all the family with their high energy, diverse routines and authentic Chinese entertainment. This incredible production will thrill guests from start to finish.

Chinese Acrobatic
-Duration: 25 to 30 Mins
-Starting from RM3000

Our totally incredible Shaolin Kung Fu will blow you away with the precision of every move and stunt they make. Our performers have perfected amazing choreography that includes incredible flexibility, unmatched strength, trust and inch-perfect Kung Fu stunts that will blow you away.
Our Shaolin Kung Fu Show is available to book for Mid Autumn Festival events, gala dinners or award ceremonies in Klang Valley and across the Malaysia.

Chinese Kung Fu
-Duration: 10 to 15 Mins
-Starting from RM3000

Mid-Autumn Festival - Kids Entertainment

Over here has plenty of kids entertainment & fun attractions to keep the your guests & their little ones entertained. A variety of Mid-Autumn Festival creative event ideas let you to choose!

Chang Er Cosplay


Bunny Mascot


Balloonist Clown


Face Painter


Clay Doll Artist


Chinese Calligraphy Artist

Want to have more atmosphere for your Mid-Autumn Festival? Hire our Chang Er cosplay to delight your event. She will meet & greet with guest also giving away your door gift or flyer if you have prepare that for your guest!

Chang Er Cosplay:
-Meet & Greet and Photo Taking with the Guests!

First Hours – RM600
Subsequent Hour – RM200

Chinese culture have long seen the Bunny as a symbol for the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is a celebration of the full moon and the fall harvest. And bunny mascot definitely is the children favorite character during mid-autumn festival!

Bunny Mascot:
-With Manpower & Friendly Staff to Lead
-Meet & Greet and Photo Taking with the Guests!

First Hours – RM500
Subsequent Hour – RM150

Balloon sculpting is an awesome way to entertain and drawing attention from children no matter is a public event or children party. From balloon animals and characters to extravagant life-size creations, our balloonist clown can add festivity to your event like no other. Give your guests a delightful souvenir that’s fun and created just for them!

Balloonist Clown:
-Clown Appearance (Optional)
-Unlimited Balloon Sculpting
-Meet & Greet and Photo Taking with the Guests!

First 2 Hours – RM450
Subsequent Hour – RM150

Who knew that adding a little paint could make such a difference in a party? Kids and adults alike love face painters. Whether it’s a full-fledged facial transformation or just a little star on a cheek, face painters can bring sparkle to any event. From fairies to superheroes to pirates, they allow your guests to be something different for a few hours. Not to mention the great photo ops! We use products that are safe for your child’s skin, yet have stunning colours. Our face-painters are also well-trained and can cater to many requests. Ensure that no one is left out with us now!

Face Painter:
-Unlimited Face or Body Painting

First 2 Hours – RM450
Subsequent Hour – RM150

Clay Doll Artist apply their skill and mastery of art and sculpture, transform clay art materials into amazing & cute works of art. Clay Doll Art is very unique and having us perform at your special event will not only provide great entertainment, appreciation for this dying art, but it makes a wonderful long lasting souvenir for your guests.

Clay Doll Artist Package:
-Unlimited Clay Doll Making

First 2 Hours – RM600
Subsequent Hour – RM200

Bring an authentic touch of China to your upcoming event or Mid-Autumn festival by booking our wonderful Chinese Calligraphy Artist. A talented live event artist who will provide your guests with unforgettable memories & souvenir in the form of Chinese calligraphy paintings.

Chinese Calligraphy Artist:
-Unlimited Calligraphy Giveaway

First Hour – RM600
Subsequent Hour – RM500

Mid-Autumn Festival - Art & Craft Workshop

Best Arts and Crafts workshop for Kids provided in Malaysia. Give your kids the party of national day event atmosphere to inspire their patriotic spirit! Magic & Talent Entertainment is elated to share our Art & Craft Workshop, the best you’ll have for your upcoming events!

Cartoon Lantern Making Workshop


Animal Lantern Making Workshop


Clay Doll Making Workshop


Flower Craft Workshop


Hand Fan Painting Workshop


Snowskin Mooncake Making Workshop

Cartoon Lantern Making Workshop
-Duration: 2 to 5 Hours
-Included all required material & 1 onsite crew to guide.
RM18.00 for each pax of cartoon lantern (minimum order 50 pax)

Animal Lantern Making Workshop
-Duration: 2 to 5 Hours
-Included all required material & 1 onsite crew to guide.
RM18.00 for each pax of animal lantern (minimum order 50 pax)

Clay Doll Making Workshop
-Duration: 2 to 5 Hours
-Included all required material & 1 onsite crew to guide.
RM20.00 for each pax of clay doll (minimum order 25 pax)

Flower Craft Workshop
-Duration: 2 to 5 Hours
-Included all required material & 1 onsite crew to guide.
RM15.00 for each pax of Flower Craft (minimum order 50 pax)

Hand Fan Painting Workshop
-Duration: 2 to 5 Hours
-Included all required material & 1 onsite crew to guide.
RM25.00 for each pax of keychain painting (minimum order 30 pax)

Snowskin Mooncake Making Workshop
-Duration: 2 to 5 Hours
-Included all required material & 1 onsite crew to guide.
RM18.00 for each pax of snowskin mooncake (minimum order 30 pax)

Mid-Autumn Festival - Event Support

A wide variety of activities & event support let to you choose and don't have to worry about it. After you choose, leave everything to us to help you settle!

Event Emcee


Event Photographer


Lantern Decoration

Looking for Emcee Services in Malaysia? We have a pool of experienced Emcees to provide emcee services! We only provide the best emcee hire services, for various kinds of events, the event you need. Our emcees are well-trained for different types of events and are very well familiar with the traditions and practices the event requires.

-Fluent English, Malay, Cantonese or Mandarin

Half Day Roadshow – RM1500+
Full Day Roadshow / Carnival / Family Day / Launching Event – RM1800+
Annual Dinner / Gala Dinner – RM2300+

Capturing the key event moments and activities is important for showcasing your next event. Apart from the obvious skill requirements, our criteria in selecting photographers include reliability, attitude and charisma. Our photographers carry professional camera and lighting equipment and know how to use them well, because your event is important. Book your professional photographer instantly for your event from Magic & Talent!

Lanterns are one of the most important elements of the Chinese Moon festival and play a significant role in the Chinese mid-autumn festival. The lantern has come to symbolise the festival itself. Available in a wide variety of shapes and covered in colourful illustrations.

Mid-Autumn Festival - Fun Food

Sweeten your event with these tasty fun food! Popcorn, candy floss, soft served icecream & cup corn is an all-time favourite and would please not only the children, but the adults too. With our on-site crew to serve there, you don’t have to worry about it at all, just enjoy the goodness!



Muah Chee


Deuk Deuk Tong


Dragon Beard Candy


Popcorn & Cotton Candy


Soft Icecream

Tanghulu also called bingtanghulu, is a traditional Chinese snack of candied fruit. It originated from northern China, but it is now commonly available in most Chinese cities. It is easy to love, and is especially a favorite food for kids in China.

200 paxRM1200
300 paxRM1800
400 paxRM2400

Unlimited Free Flow within the duration order
Subsequent Hour for Tanghulu – RM500

This is a traditional-style Muah Chee or Glutinous Rice Snack With Peanut & Sugar. It’s a popular Chinese snack. The rice was soaked for a day, steamed and pounded, or in this case with a help of a mixer. The texture of the dough is smooth, elastic and chewy.

Muah Chee
100 paxRM1000
200 paxRM2000
300 paxRM3000

Unlimited Free Flow within the duration order
Subsequent Hour for Muah Chee – RM500

Deuk Deuk Tong or commonly referred to as Ding Ding Tong is a type of traditional candy in Hong Kong. It is a hard maltose candy with sesame and ginger flavours. The sweet is made by first melting maltose, then adding to it various ingredients and continuously stirring the mixture. Before the mixture solidifies, it is put on a metal stick and pulled into a line shape, then coiled into the shape of a plate.

Ding Ding Candy
100 paxRM600
200 paxRM1200
300 paxRM1800

Unlimited Free Flow within the duration order
Subsequent Hour for Deuk Deuk Tong – RM500

Dragon’s beard candy is a handmade traditional art of China. It is also a traditional Chinese sweet similar to floss halva or Cotton candy, which can be found in many Chinese communities. Dragon’s Beard Candy was initially created in China, but soon spread in popularity and became a regional delicacy

Dragon Beard Candy
100 paxRM900
200 paxRM1800
300 paxRM2700

Unlimited Free Flow within the duration order
Subsequent Hour for Dragon Beard Candy – RM500

Popcorn and Cotton Candy is an all time favourite and would please not only the children, but the adults too. They’re perfect as a sweet snack or dessert! From birthday parties to corporate events, if you are looking for super awesome popcorn and cotton candy, you are in the right place!

Promotion: RM1000 for 4 Hours of Popcorn & Cotton Candy Station (Unlimited Free Flow)

Popcorn StationCotton Candy Station
2 HoursRM400RM400
3 HoursRM520RM520
4 HoursRM640RM640
Subsequent Hour for Popcorn or Cotton Candy Station – RM120
Customised Popcorn or Cotton Candy Station – RM80

Need a soft serve ice cream machine for only one day or a short period for an event or party? We can help you! Catering to big or small scale events, we aim to up the fun factor and have your guests wow over the happy soft serve dessert!

Promotion: RM1000 for 4 Hours of Soft Ice Cream (Unlimited Free Flow)

Soft Ice Cream Station
2 HoursRM700
3 HoursRM950
4 HoursRM1000
Subsequent Hour for Soft Ice Cream Station – RM250