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National Day - Stage Entertainment

The most exciting performance present by Magic & Talent Entertainment for your National Day event! Perfect for corporate events, roadshow and more, our stage entertianment are among the most unique and entertaining performance out there. You won't believe your eyes!

Stage Magician


Duo Comedy Juggling


Fire Juggling

If you’re expecting the old rabbit-out-of-a-hat trick, we’ve got news for you! We are not a grandfather’s magic. Our professional stage magicians have modernized their magic tricks with astounding skill, mentalism, comedy, and more! Young and old alike are amazed by magical entertainment, and our magician raises the bar for an astoundingly funny and highly interactive performance, sure to give you and your guests goosebumps. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, private event or a fun birthday party, book a magician from Magic & Talent Entertainment to provide the mystery and awe!

Stage Magician Package
-Duration: 20 Mins
-Starting from RM1800

Enjoy with our duo comedy jugglers crack hilarious jokes while they perform their gravity-defying act. Duo comedy juggling is sure to shock and awe any audience with their unique interpretation of the long standing arts of comedy & juggling. The show has something for everyone and has lots of hilarious audience participation. Their nerdy sense of humor and zany stunts will Make em’ laugh!

Duo Comedy Juggling
-Duration: 25 Mins
-Starting from RM2000

Fire juggling is great for a street performing for festivals, entertainment at parties, and as the headliner. Also we can be seen performing for corporate events, wedding parties, birthdays, & all sorts of special gatherings throughout Malaysia.
Shows can be safely adapted to fit most venues, indoors and outdoor.

Fire Juggling
-Duration: 2 sets of 15 Mins
-Starting from RM1500

National Day - Kids Entertainment

Over here has plenty of kids entertainment & fun attractions to keep the your guests & their little ones entertained. A variety of National Day creative event ideas let you to choose!

Balloonist Clown


Stilt Walker


Tiger Mascot


Face Painter



Balloon sculpting is an awesome way to entertain and drawing attention from children no matter is a public event or children party. From balloon animals and characters to extravagant life-size creations, our balloonist clown can add festivity to your event like no other. Give your guests a delightful souvenir that’s fun and created just for them!

Balloonist Clown:
-Clown Appearance (Optional)
-Unlimited Balloon Sculpting
-Meet & Greet and Photo Taking with the Guests!

First 2 Hours – RM450
Subsequent Hour – RM150

If you are looking for mix and mingle entertainment for a medium to large event then stilt walkers are ideal. No matter the event, whether it be a festival, fair, carnival, or other event, our super duper tall stilt walker will attract attention like almost no other type of entertainment, ready to make your event the most talked about imaginable!

Stilt Walker:
-Meet & Greet with Guests
-Customized Costume (Optional)

First 2 Hours – RM800
Subsequent Hour – RM200

The national animal of Malaysia is the Malayan Tiger. That’s the reason why we have tiger mascot in list! National day event with our tiger mascot definelty becoming a highlight point. By the way, mascot a great way of making your event super fun and tiger mascot can greet your guests, give out your event sourvenir, join in the dancing, playing games and offers fantastic photo opportunities.

Tiger Mascot:
-With Manpower & Friendly Staff to Lead
-Meet & Greet and Photo Taking with the Guests!

First Hours – RM500
Subsequent Hour – RM150

Who knew that adding a little paint could make such a difference in a party? Kids and adults alike love face painters. Whether it’s a full-fledged facial transformation or just a little star on a cheek, face painters can bring sparkle to any event. From fairies to superheroes to pirates, they allow your guests to be something different for a few hours. Not to mention the great photo ops! We use products that are safe for your child’s skin, yet have stunning colours. Our face-painters are also well-trained and can cater to many requests. Ensure that no one is left out with us now!

Face Painter:
-Unlimited Face or Body Painting

First 2 Hours – RM450
Subsequent Hour – RM150

Wonder how do you look like if turn into a cartoon character? Would you look more like a video game superhero or a fairy tale princess? Well, you and your guests can at least see what you look like to a creative and talented caricaturist by hiring them for your event. Create fantastic & memorable memento for your guests in a matter of minutes.

-Unlimited Black & White Caricature Drawing

First 3 Hours – RM750
Subsequent Hour – RM200

National Day - Art & Craft Workshop

Best Arts and Crafts workshop for Kids provided in Malaysia. Give your kids the party of national day event atmosphere to inspire their patriotic spirit! Magic & Talent Entertainment is elated to share our Art & Craft Workshop, the best you’ll have for your upcoming events!

National Day Windmill


Batik Painting


Keychain Painting


Merdeka Puppet


Scratch Art


Sand Art

Stay cool during Merdeka parade with this DIY Merdeka Windmill craft! Inspired by our Malaysian flag and our unity themed logo, let us all unite under one nation and be proud of our diversity and history! Printed with high-quality ink on artpaper, kids will enjoy cutting and assembling the parts together. As it is a fairly complex craft, it is suitable for age 8 and above.

Great for National Day party, Malaysian themed events, also for art and history classes!

National Day Windmill Workshop
-Duration: 2 to 5 Hours
-Included all required material & 1 onsite crew to guide.
RM10.00 for each pax of windmill (minimum order 50 pax)

Churn out mini Batik artists right at the event – complete with batik colour dyes and brush, kids will have fun toning, mixing and matching colours and painting it on the beautifully pre-painted Malaysian-themed wax designs. Frame up their finished and proudly hang on walls! The apparent ease and guaranteed beautiful results have made Batik painting.

The batik canvases are square sized at 8″ x 8″ (21cm x 21cm), individually mounted on cardboard frame that also acts as an elevated painting surface.

Batik Painting Workshop
-Duration: 2 to 5 Hours
-Included all required material & 1 onsite crew to guide.
RM25.00 for each pax of batik painting (minimum order 30 pax)

Celebrate our National Day with pretty Malaysian flag and hibiscus flower! Merdeka! They come in keychains so you just have to hang to decorate. The workshop will let you paint with colour paints or marker pens.

Keychain Painting Workshop
-Duration: 2 to 5 Hours
-Included all required material & 1 onsite crew to guide.
RM16.00 for each pax of keychain painting (minimum order 30 pax)

Play puppets with your friends and family this Merdeka Day! The finished puppet moves its hands and legs when puppeting, the hands mimicking waving and cheering our Malaysian flag, expressing love to our country. Kids may use the coloured side printed with high-quality ink on artcard or colour the black and white outlines to their own likings.

Merdeka Puppet Workshop
-Duration: 2 to 5 Hours
-Included all required material & 1 onsite crew to guide.
RM15.00 for each pax of merdeka puppet (minimum order 30 pax)

Scartch Art workshop for kids is simply enjoyable and easy to craft, now in Malaysian Theme designs. Scratching the black surface with the provided scratch art stylus will reveal beautiful rainbow-like colours underneath! Stencil designs provide a guide for kids to create masterpieces on their own.

Scratch Art Workshop
-Duration: 2 to 5 Hours
-Included all required material & 1 onsite crew to guide.
RM8.00 for each pax of scratch art (minimum order 50 pax)

Sand Art crafts are a great idea for birthday parties and public events to attract the crowd. The kids definitely will love the unique sand art kits with different cartoon design, and you will love our great prices! Children learn lots of transferable skills and benefits such as concentration, creativity, colour awarenesss, imagination and lots more.

Sand Art Workshop
-Duration: 2 to 5 Hours
-Included all required material & 1 onsite crew to guide.
RM6.00 for each pax of scratch art (minimum order 50 pax)

National Day - Activities & Event Support

A wide variety of activities & event support let to you choose and don't have to worry about it. After you choose, leave everything to us to help you settle!

Photo Booth


Balloon Arch



Organising an event but having troubles deciding on what souvenirs/door gifts you’re going to provide the guests? How does a customised photo strip sound? Photo booths have been on demand for events, functions or parties in the recent years, providing interactive photo-taking and quality instant prints.

Photo Booth
-Unlimited Photo Print
-Included Pre-Backdrop

First 3 Hours – RM2400
Subsequent Hour – RM300

National Day Theme Balloon Arch Decorations are great for Road Shows, Corporate Events, Carnival or even Private Party. They are help to boost up the atmosphere for your national day event & great for mass photo taking as well. They serves as an Entrance Balloon Arch for your guest to identify where is the event.

National Day Balloon Arch
-Size: 12ft x 10ft

For various roadshow and national day event, it is necessary the venue should be set in the most attractive manner, commensurate with the products and services being hosted or national day event theme. For various programs, these backdrop can to be different.

National Day - Fun Food

Sweeten your event with these tasty fun food! Popcorn, candy floss, soft served icecream & cup corn is an all-time favourite and would please not only the children, but the adults too. With our on-site crew to serve there, you don’t have to worry about it at all, just enjoy the goodness!

Popcorn & Cotton Candy


Soft Icecream


Cup Corn

Popcorn and Cotton Candy is an all time favourite and would please not only the children, but the adults too. They’re perfect as a sweet snack or dessert! From birthday parties to corporate events, if you are looking for super awesome popcorn and cotton candy, you are in the right place!

Promotion: RM1000 for 4 Hours of Popcorn & Cotton Candy Station (Unlimited Free Flow)

Popcorn StationCotton Candy Station
2 HoursRM400RM400
3 HoursRM520RM520
4 HoursRM640RM640
Subsequent Hour for Popcorn or Cotton Candy Station – RM120
Customised Popcorn or Cotton Candy Station – RM80

Need a soft serve ice cream machine for only one day or a short period for an event or party? We can help you! Catering to big or small scale events, we aim to up the fun factor and have your guests wow over the happy soft serve dessert!

Promotion: RM1000 for 4 Hours of Soft Ice Cream (Unlimited Free Flow)

Soft Ice Cream Station
2 HoursRM700
3 HoursRM950
4 HoursRM1000
Subsequent Hour for Soft Ice Cream Station – RM250

All time kids and even adult favourite – traditional Cup Corn Live Station. Our corns are as fresh as it gets, right straight from a live station served by Magic & Talent’s very own professional! We serve up the tastiest and finest quality of steamed corns packed with two very simple ingredients, finest salt and creamy butter. Not only that, all our ingredients used are halal to ensure that every single guests can enjoy the food station! Our cup corn station includes delivery and manpower to serve you delicious salted buttered cup corn at your event!

Promotion: RM800 for 4 Hours of Cup Corn Station (Unlimited Free Flow)

Cup Corn Station
2 HoursRM550
3 HoursRM750
4 HoursRM800
Subsequent Hour for Cup Corn Station – RM200