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About The Speed Glitter Painting

How do you make an event into a special and unforgettable moment ? A large sized portrait and performance carried out before your very eyes. A unique and personalized gift guaranteeing emotion in the VIP & audience.

Our highly skilled speed glitter artists can paint large portraits of iconic figures, company logos, customize picture and even CEOs in less than 5 minutes and can incorporate all manner of branding and bespoke designs making them the perfect choice for corporate events celebrations and product launches.

Speed Glitter Painting
-Duration: 5 Mins
-1 Customize Painting RM3200 ( 3x4ft )
-2 Customize Painting RM6000
-1 Customize Painting + 1 Violinist RM5500

(Suitable for Grand Lauching/ Corporate Event  / Wedding / Private Event)

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